Use your MD to its full potential. Start a side practice.

See patients outside of your regular clinic, in-person or remotely, using the AutonomyMD platform

Medical Malpractice Insurance

HIPAA Compliant Digital Documentation

Consent Forms to Practice & Treat

Launching a side practice can be complicated.
But it doesn’t have to be.

Our platform provides you with digital documentation and consent forms. We also help you comply with HIPAA and offer you liability insurance coverage so you can practice anytime and anywhere. 

AutonomyMD empowers you to practice medicine on your own terms.


See Patients on the Go

Treat patients virtually or anywhere.


Choose How You Practice

Provide care to anyone.


Support Your Community

Protect yourself while giving back.


Increase Earning Potential

Launch a side practice for extra income.

Why AutonomyMD?

Medicine has become systematized and restricted. You want to use your skills and knowledge to care for people as you see fit. Use AutonomyMD as a way to practice on your own terms.

AutonomyMD gives you the freedom to practice medicine outside the clinic to serve your community, make extra money, or help a friend without worrying about liability.

Medical Consultation

The Process is Simple

The application is quick and easy

Submit an application by clicking the link below to join the AutonomyMD platform.

Your application will be reviewed. Upon approval, you will gain access to AutonomyMD.

Start your own side practice with the infrastructure you need.