A platform to launch your side practice

Malpractice Insurance

Professional liability insurance can be prohibitively expensive. We provide affordable and comprehensive liability insurance for primary care-like visits.

Templates for HIPAA Compliance

Without administrative support, forms can be overwhelming. We provide you with all of the the forms you need to practice, treat, and remain HIPAA compliant.

Digital Documentation

EMRs are expensive and not compatible with side gigs. We provide a secure, HIPAA compliant application to easily document your visits.

See how AutonomyMD enables physicians to practice medicine on the side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance is provided?

AutonomyMD provides professional liability insurance for your patient encounters. Each visit is covered just as it would be in a regular clinic.

Is the platform HIPAA compliant?

Our platform is HIPAA compliant. We take privacy seriously and ensure that all of our policies and procedures are always up to date and follow best practices.

What can I charge and can I bill insurance?

Your practice, your rules. Whether you choose to charge a fee or donate your time is up to you. While you can collect payment or bill insurance in any manner you see fit, AutonomyMD does not process patient insurance or payments at this time.

Where do I find patients?

Be creative. Use your network and community. The opportunities are endless. Whether it’s telemedicine, concierge medicine, sports physicals, or hangover services, you can use AutonomyMD to launch your next big idea.