About AutonomyMD

What is AutonomyMD?

AutonomyMD is an easy, cost-effective solution for starting your side practice. 

For $100/month you have the medical malpractice insurance, forms for HIPAA compliance, and digital documentation to practice anytime and anywhere.

How is this possible?

AutonomyMD does the heavy lifting for you.

  • We partner with insurance companies to provide coverage to doctors practicing outside their day job. Obtaining your own policy can cost $7500 or more per year.
  • We created templates for individual physicians to adopt and enforce the privacy and security practices, policies, and procedures that are necessary for HIPAA compliance.
  • We provide digital documentation through a HIPAA-compliant web application and portal.

Let’s get started.

The Process is Simple

The application is quick and easy

Submit an application by clicking the link below to join the AutonomyMD platform.

Your application will be reviewed, upon approval, you will gain access to AutonomyMD.

Start your own side practice with the infrastructure you need.